Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Street

By Terrance

Last house on the street
On a hill that is so steep
My street
dim like the night moon
cars parked on the side
kids everywhere
Abandoned house
Nobody sees them


By Carl

It's kinda hot
Little boy down the street gets shot
He lays there breathless
Death in the neighborhood is endless
Shootings almost every day
No one knows just what to say
Think about how things are spoken
Now all of those mothers out there heartbroken. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015


By Shi

My street is a living caution sign
Keep focused at all times.
Cause people drop like unwanted dimes. 

Walking around is risking your life
Unless you got steel,
And I aint talking my city,
I'm talking the one that's risky
and you can't be picky

Drug deals left to right,
so that all the kids learn
you either going up or down
aint making no turns.

Make a decision: 
move out or fall.
Victim to the game,
but its not really a game,
its struggle and pain.

Be smart,
some do and get out,
some do it for clout.
Those same people are talking
and running it out.

Can't handle his own
so he points it at the man on the throne.

When you come from nothin'
you try to grind,
and make it to somethin'
But that turns back to nothin' 
when your boys start rushin' 
on the same street you runnin'
turn hot as an oven. 

Its baking now and
you faking now 
like you aint did nothing. 

It gets worse.
in an interview they label you fist.
as you walk in,
I'm really trying to be all in.

But they label me...
a dealer
a stealer
and a family killer.

There is really no option.
this state got me boxed in.

Tattoos on my skin
now i'm a disgrace
in their case.
I can't get hired.

What else is there to do? 
Sit and watch mama struggle
with our family of a few.

I just can't 
Imma hold my ground
cause I'm the man of the house.
So Imma go hard.
Do whatever it takes to make it out. 

My world aint equal
It will never be equal
Evil faces all around.
acting like I'm the evil. 
They judge a book by its cover
looking just like I'm see through.  


By Liam

This addiction is a disease
Pills to ease the pain
Only to realize it's still gonna rain
Pills not enough,
more high to gain
move to heroin,
switching up the game,
mind is so blown,
can't be tamed,
It's not your fault,
but your still getting blamed
Take your steps
Day by day

And one day...
You'll be watching the sun rise over the bay.

Why Hate?

by Maurice 

Would you hate a tree? 
For having blue leaves instead of green? 
Would a dog be more dangerous? 
If it had black fur instead of white? 
Why would you hate a human?
For having dark skin instead of light? 
Would a person be more dangerous? 
If there skin is brown or dark as night? 
If they were from the Middle East? 
If they were from Mexico?
As if their appearance makes them dangerous.
or less than another...
Everyone has a potential to do good...
As well as evil..
So why would you hate? 


By Ben

I am that dark empty alleyway,
Quiet, never a sound made,
Car speed through like a highway,
Like the thoughts in my brain.

The broken fences fixed with a little paint,
But still feel the pain,
The gangster walks in the alleyway,
shining bright with a gold chain.

Selling yay to get paid,
he gets shot, leaves a stain,
that even paint can't terminate,
The garbage can stays in place.

Filth clogs the sunny day,
Always dark in the alleyway.