Monday, November 23, 2015

A Debate in Letter Form

Two students respond to the refugee crisis in very different ways. 

Dear Society,
Since when did we start turning our backs on those crying out for help?  We are so afraid of terrorism, that we are ignoring the fact that people are dying as I am writing this.  You say that they should solve their own problems, but if our country wasn't safe to live in anymore and people were dying left and right, you would be begging for salvation. I cannot possibly imaging what it would be like to have to leave my own country because it is war torn.  So how could we just say, "deal with it?"
Society has become so selfish and distrusting.  How can we be called the "home of the brave" if we are so afraid to let foreigners seek salvation, a principal that this country was built on.  Why are we all of the sudden putting value on human lives as if our lives are more important because we're not being slaughtered.  How about we start saving lives instead of turning a blind eye?  You ask why it's our business? Because as humans we should be trying to strive for a better future for everyone.  Terrorism is not "their" problem.  It's everyone's problem. 


Dear Society, 
We need to stand up for our own.  The government keeps making decisions for us without hearing the people's voice.  I though America was supposed to be the land of freedom.  So if the United States is what it claims to be, Why are we not being heard?   Here is an example:  President Obama recently told the world that we would accept 10,000 Syrian refugees.  By him making this decision, he spoke on his own opinion and didn't ask the people what they thought.  The U.S needs to worry about our own problems before we begin to solve every other country's problems. Think about it this way: If America was war torn, would Syria help us? By bringing refugees into our country, we are putting America in danger of terrorism.  No, not everyone is a terrorist, but it only takes one or two to pose a threat to us.  This just happened in France.  Therefore, I think America needs to stay out of problems that do not involve us.   One day, they will regret this decision and the people of the U.S will regret not speaking up on the matter.  

More Humans of Perry (From the classroom of Mr. Brice Hostutler)

Some days these kids in this school just get on my nerves so much. On these days, I like to put my head down and think about my future and what good things might happen when I’m on my own.

The way I carry myself screams fly, flawless, and flashy! I just love looking nice.

My phone shows me how far from the crib I am. That is important to me.

My hand is invisible to some people. I don’t like that. Some think I use my hands to disrespect people. I don’t really mean to do that. Most of the time I am just playing. I’m not a bully. On the inside I’m really a peaceful person. On the outside though, people sometimes see me as cold blooded.

I hide the real me because I don’t like to be judged. But the real me is not good. I hide my face in shame of my actions and the mistakes I have made.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Humans of Perry"

"I'm somebody who smiles constantly and laughs all the time, but I'm self conscious most of the time.  I don't like when people stare at me.  I'm an "A" student, but I don't see how, because I guess on everything. I feel like the stupidest person when I make one mistake, and I'm very sensitive.  I have so many clothes, but each day I put on my outfit, I feel ugly.  I love to make people happy and I wish they would do the same for me.  One thing that always puts a smile on my face is dancing.  My dream is to own a dance studio and dance all day.  But I have doubts about it actually coming true." 

"looking at my hair, I feel accomplished. No one contributed to how it looks but me.  The nappier it gets, the prouder I get.  People always ask why I don't get it re-twisted? Like they want me to look like everyone else with dreads. I just say because I am an African-American and that's not my style."

"I want to be a Navy Seal after high school.  I believe every man should fight for their country. I want to be a Seal because the are the best of the best.  You have to be physically and mentally tough.  I want that challenge.  Anyone can go to the Army, only a few can be a Marine, but it takes a really special person to be a Navy Seal." 

"It sucks being judged straight up for your appearance.  No one wants to understand.  Adults constantly tell me that I am so young, that I'm going to regret the tattoos.  Yet they never take the time to look at them and understand the hours spent getting these stories put on to my body." 

"I love to draw and I love to write stories.  The art of storytelling through both words and illustration is my passion and I hope to one day entertain people with my ideas." 

"i'm just a typical shy kid who doesn't really participate in class. It's like nobody really notices me. There's that one kid in every class nobody knows their name, and most of the time that's me."

One of my favorite things to do for fun is fish. I have been fishing since I was four years old. My family always fishes every year. It just puts me in a great mood to sit in silence, cast out the reel, waiting for any type of fish to Reel in."

"If my shoes could talk they would tell you a story so awesome it would be weird.  The whole fact is that these shoes have been through hell, heaven, and earth.  My shoes never get tired of walking, running, climbing, skipping, and stomping.  These shoes are gonna grow old with me." 

"I like it in the school and is populated enough. I keep a smile on my face most of the time to remind myself that I will be out soon. Sure, a lot of disturbances occur in the school, as if kids are fighting for a spot light that shows up every weekday.  It's a lot like a TV show. The shows are full of color, drama, comedy, and action. It's really just a long ride for me."

"I wake up every morning.  It's a struggle. A fight. Every morning even after nine hours of sleep I just want to go back to sleep. Depression. Not just being sad.  There's so much more to it than that. I don't just have depression. Anxiety. Social anxiety. I bite at my fingers until they bleed I can't stop. It's the only thing that calms me down."

"A lot of people wouldn't know I was in a car accident and was badly hurt because I smile and laugh everyday and never show the pain but when it happened the only person there for me was my mom she was my anchor still is my tattoos have meaning they are not just pictures Engraved in my skin they are stories of my life with words of their own" 

"cracked, dropped, broken, and shattered, my iPhone is just a disaster.  From the front to the back, to the bottom to the top.  It drops out of my hands so much because I have greasy hands, or butter hands, or because my hands get lazy and I don't feel like holding anything.  So I just drop it.  IPhone – I wonder why you still work? We have been through so much together. Don't die now." 

"if someone saw me walking down the street with shorts on and saw my anklet, they would probably think I'm a thug or a troubled kid. Some people look at me and already think I'm a drug dealer because of the way I dress and the way my hair is. I used to be a drug dealer before I got arrested, but it's crazy how people can look at me and I already know I am one and I don't like that. I wish people would just stop and get to know me before they judge me. This anklet on my leg does not mean that I am a monster or not to be trusted. I am a human being that made a mistake in my life and now it's all behind me."