Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Thoughts on Religion

By Maurice B. 
I honestly do believe in a higher power. I’m very open minded about a lot of things and not about others. I’m not very religious though, more spiritual. Growing up I was always raised to be a good, fair person who respected everyone and I’ve always tried to be the best person I could be.
Though I’m very aware that people really don’t believe in “higher powers” they think it absurd which is fine everyone is different and have good reason not to.
Here’s what grinds my gears for both sides of the fence. Some religious people can be very judgmental and very rude. Lots of kids and adult would say that their religion (most likely Christianity) was shoved down their throat and can’t respect or follow it any,ore because they have a bad view of it. It’s never good to force someone to do something they don’t want to do. I cannot personally relate because religion was never forced on me and I was never taught to be judgmental or rude to people; I was always a good person and I don’t think it’s right to force any belief on anyone. Let people choose.
As for “non-believers” you have every right to not have a religion, clearly and I respect that,but when I go on social media and see you insulting and claiming superiority over people who do have beliefs and a religion I start to respect it a lot less. I think of it as hypocrisy when you complain that religious people are judgmental and rude, but any chance you get to talk to a religious person who wasn’t rude at all to you the first thing you do is say “You’re stupid for believing in….” Insulting someone’s intelligence doesn’t make anyone a good person.
I’m bringing this up because I see this a lot on social media and it’s always an arguement about “proof” or “intellectual superiority” and it’s really a dumb thing to argue about. Why can’t people just have a religion or not and just leave each other be?

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